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According to a study, 57 percent of those surveyed can imagine buying their vehicle in the future online, be it a used or new one.

Therefore, it is important to have a trustworthy partner on your side who deals with the retailers, checks the vehicles and makes sure that everything is accurate.

Your desired vehicle is online?

You have found your desired vehicle on the internet and would now like to make a purchase and have it delivered to you or your customers?

With Boatsman-Logistic you can easily transport vehicles from all over the world to the desired destination.

Ready to get your desired vehicle?

Do not hesitate and contact us for a brief discussion of your needs. We will be happy to provide you with a quote at lightning speed and make sure that your dream vehicle arrives in your destination country as soon as possible.

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They are doing so professional. Even I don't have enough info, they follow up my shipping order and arrange everything. They work fast and no rush to me 🙂

James Kim

Well done for a great job to get Marks cars from South Africa to Germany! We would recommend your services.

Kirsten S.

I work with this company since 2017 and I am extremely satisfied, the thing that sets them apart is availability and kindness. I happened to pick up cars and deliver them at closing times and once even on Sunday Mr. Hannes was always available. Service is what I appreciate most.

Modena Motors GmbH

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